Sep 252022
So long, spammers (with apologies to real people)

In the 2+ years I haven’t blogged actively, spammy subscribers really added up. As in, over 76,000 of them. Some of them managed to get an “author” profile associated with their fake email addresses so my site is now hosting clickbait somewhere, somehow. Several of the “top pages” in my stats are those fake profiles.

I’ve taken a run at various ways to search and delete in bulk. All of it takes time and all search parameters inevitably leave out bad actors who are simply better at the art of disguise. Hence my next, drastic step, with apologies to the faithful few real actual human people who have subscribed to this blog (but who should thus be receiving this post so you know what to do next).

I’m going to delete all subscribers. That’s right, delete all. You will need to resubscribe to get back on the list to receive future posts via email. Once you’ve done that with the form in the righthand bar, you will want to watch for an email from Bike Style that has [New Post] in the subject line. It may go into your spam or junk folder, so please search for it and give it the appropriate validation for your email system. Or if it’s been so long that you didn’t remember subscribing in the first place you just got an easy in-box clean-up with no further action needed.

I’ll write another post after all the clean-up is done and I do hope you’ll come back. I always tweet out new posts so you can watch for it there too.

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