Feb 242020
Texting About Biking

Inspired by a tweet a while back on kids “texting about transit” (see below), herewith my guide to some of the messaging shortcuts that are really all about riding your bike.

A couple of these are straight-up an accepted meaning, per this guide to Internet acronyms and abbreviations that lists far too many abbreviations. Honestly, I find it faster to type or swipe than to try to remember all these.

However, in its exhaustive compendium it includes AASHTA: As Always, Sheldon Has The Answer, referring to Sheldon Brown, go-to for bike mechanic knowledge. This feels like a transportation inside joke, given that I serve on the Council on Active Transportation for the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, AASHTO. I had to link to it.

2F4U: Too Fast For You

ADIP: Another Day I Pedal

BRB: Bike Really Bike

BRT: Bike Right There

BTW: Bike To Work, Bike The World

C&P: Coast & Pedal

DGAF: Drivers Get All Frazzled

DILLIGAS: Do I Look Like I Got All Sweaty?

FAQ: Fall And Quit

FML: Feeling My Legs

GTG: Get The Gear; Grok The Gear

ICYMI: I Cycle, You Motor Instead; I Caught Your Mileage Improvement

IMHO: Inspired, May Hang On; I May Head Out

LMK: Like My Kit

LOL: Lead Or Lag

NSFW: Nice Spokes, Fancy Wheels

NVM: Nice Velo Mind

OMW: On My Wheel

OTOH: On The Other Handlebar

POS: Pedal On, Sweetheart

ROFL: Rolling On For Life

ROFLMAO: Rolling On For Life Making An Observation

SMH: Swiveling My Handlebars; Shift Much Higher

STFU: Shift The Frame Up

TBA: Turning Bike Around; Tired, Biking Away

TLDR: Try Lower Derailleur, Relax

TYVM: That’s Your Velo Mind

WRT: Wheels Really Turn

WTF: Wheeling–That’s Freedom

YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary

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