Jul 142012
Nominate Awesome Bike Folk for Adventure Cycling Bicycle Travel Awards

Bicycle loaded for touring with travel gearWashington has outstanding bicycle travel so I’m sure we have some wonderful nominees who should be recognized as bicycle travel heroes. While you’re out and about on vacation this summer look for those awesome folks and nominate them for the eighth annual Adventure Cycling Association Bicycle Travel Awards.

Celebrating the heroes of bicycle travel in the U.S., awards include the Pacesetter Bicycle Travel Award, the June Curry Trail Angel Award, the Braxton Bike Shop Award, and the Adventure Cycling Volunteer-of-the-Year Award.

The Pacesetter Bicycle Travel Award recognizes the efforts of those who have supported or promoted bicycle travel in the U.S. in an exemplary way. This award is named after Charlie Pace (Columbus, OH), who has spent decades creating and supporting bicycle-travel opportunities.

The June Curry Trail Angel Award thanks a generous individual or group that has made a traveling cyclist’s journey easier or possible in some significant way. The award is named after June Curry (Afton, VA), the famous “Cookie Lady” of the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail. Over the course of three decades, Curry has brightened the journey of more than 11,000 touring cyclists by providing them with refreshments near her home.

The Sam Braxton Bike Shop Award honors a bike shop that has promoted the bike-travel cause and built enthusiasm for bike touring in its community. Braxton Bike Shop (Missoula, MT), the inaugural winner of this award, was integral to the success of BikeCentennial ‘76, the event that kick-started Adventure Cycling Association.

The Adventure Cycling Volunteer-of-the-Year Award is presented to an outstanding volunteer who has furthered the organization’s goal of inspiring and empowering people to travel by bicycle.

Nominations for 2012 awards will be accepted through September 30, 2012. For more details visit adventurecycling.org/awards, email awards@adventurecycling.org, or contact Alison Riley at (406) 532-2772.

The list of past recipients doesn’t have any names from Washington state, so step up and nominate!

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Your Turn
  • What bike awards are given out in your community, if any, and what do they recognize?
  • Where are some of your favorite places to bike in Washington?


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