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Just Capital! The Blogspedition Heads to Washington, DC

This coming week I get to appreciate our nation’s capitol yet again on an annual trip I make as part of a community delegation to meet with our federal elected officials, their staff, and various agencies on behalf of Spokane priorities. Since these include projects of the university where I head up communications and public […]

30 Days of Biking: Hills and Miles and Darkness, Oh My!

Today’s easy-squeezy 8.4 miles, broken up into nice manageable chunks of 10 minutes or less, nonetheless provided plenty of reminders of yesterday’s butt-burner: over 27 miles total, with a huge chunk of that spent slogging slowly up a hill climb that I thought would never end. But it was fun, honest! The set-up: I did […]

30 Days of Biking: Why Week 1 Doesn’t Have 7 Days of Riding in It, and Why that’s OK

The ride reports for 30 Days of Biking hold me accountable, but they can’t change what life throws at you, so I’m not going to ride 30 days in April. And you know what? I’m okay with that. When I set a goal—for the first time ever—of riding a certain number of miles and a […]

30 Days of Biking: Starting off with Very Different Days

Signing up for 30 Days of Biking “forces” riding on you. That isn’t an issue when you love to ride–or it shouldn’t be. But sometimes the day sort of sneaks away from you…. As did Day #1! I spent the day working away at my computer, watching a typical early spring day for Spokane: Snow, […]

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