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30 Days of Biking: Final Report

After great riding in Week One, Week Two, and Week Three, here’s how it went in the final week-plus of 30 Days of Biking, along with a mileage tally for the full 30 days. Thursday, Sept. 22: A beautiful sunny fall day. Crisp enough that I wore a cardigan over my dress for the morning […]

Dear Reader, I Chicked Him

A couple of days ago I chicked a guy. That is to say, I overtook and passed him climbing a hill on the way home. Wearing a skirt. Mind you, only one of us was aware this was a race. He looked as if he was taking it fairly easy going up the hill when […]

Bicycling Rites of Passage, Spokane Style

Inspired by Bicycling Magazine Cyclists who reading Bicycling know that its content aims primarily at racing cyclists and people who like to think they might be someday. Ads for Hammer and GU gel, car ads that compare the feeling of driving to the feeling of cycling at high speed, training tips for people who plan […]

Even More Mental Essentials for Bike Commuting: Tolerance, Humor, and Persistence

If you’re just tuning in, welcome to this series of mental attitude warm-ups for bike commuting: risk and trust, friendliness and willingness to try new things. Up, down, up, down! Now try these other brain cells.* Tolerance. If you’re already riding, you’ve encountered people who need to tell you all about the “bad biker” they encountered […]

More Mental Essentials for Bike Commuting: Friendliness and Openness

Another post on the mental attitudes that will help you with your bike commuting, in addition to risk and trust. Friendliness. Smiling at drivers and making eye contact makes a big difference when you’re between them and their destination (although, as noted in a previous post, we aren’t the only things slowing them down and interfering […]

Mental Essentials for Bike Commuting: Risk and Trust

This isn’t about helmets, lights, reflective/high-visibility clothing, fenders for rainy days, or any of the rest of the gear list in an earlier post. It’s not Cycle Chic fashion advice telling you your closet is full of biking clothes. Instead this is my take on the other essentials for bike commuting: the mental ones. Willingness to take some […]

It’s All in the Attitude

Busy, busy, busy. Rush, rush, rush. We’re an impatient society, always in a hurry to get somewhere. We’re like the automated cleaning devices in The Fifth Element as described by Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg (played with evil deliciousness, or delicious evilness, by Gary Oldman): “Look at all these little things. So busy now. Notice how each one is […]

Things I Now Do on My Bike Without Having to Think About It

Shift down as I slow down or approach a stop. Shift down as I start to climb a hill. As I shift down when climbing, do so with the pedals slightly unweighted (not under force). Adjust my pace as I pedal through downtown in a way that is conducive to catching the light changes in […]

30 Days of Biking: Week Three!

How apropos that on World Carfree Day I’m still rolling with 30 Days of Biking, coasting through Week Three after a great Week One and Week Two: Thursday, Sept. 15: The day dawned with a gray sky and the delicious fresh smell of rain in the air. It looked a bit as if that rain had already […]

How to Get a Dropped Bike Chain Back On, Grease-Free

As I mentioned in my Week Two round-up for the 30 Days of Biking effort, last week my chain came off while we rode up the hill in search of frozen yogurt. My husband called out from behind me, “Shift and pedal it back on!” In the heat of the moment as he tried to […]

What to Wear for Your Bike Commute? Clothes.

I’ve whined a bit about the constraints found in office-appropriate clothing that isn’t designed for biking. Honestly, though, if you have a reasonably short ride many of the things in your closet will work just fine. Trust me—this is not about Spandex (although it’s pretty slimming, actually). You do not have to rush out and buy special […]

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