Aug 092011

So, do tell–what’s SoDo?

SoDo (south of downtown) Spokane logoSouth of Downtown Spokane a great little retail/gourmet stretch has been growing for a while and I’m going on a bikespedition to check it out this coming Saturday, Aug. 13, 2011.

Special feature: Brand-new asphalt on Second Avenue will be like riding on satin. With 3-4 lanes there will be plenty of road to share when the street project is done; right now we’ll dodge some construction but those businesses need our business.

In venturing forth on a bikespedition you commit to four activities.* You will:

  • Ride your bike.
  • Shop.
  • Eat treats.
  • Have fun.

We’ll meet up Saturday at 11:30 a.m. at the Spokane Public Market at Second Ave. and Browne and check out the Market, Sun People Dry Goods, and the Market Place Wine Bar (perhaps not drinking midday, but at least a peek inside so you can see what a cool space it is). If you have any weddings coming up in your family you may also want to duck into Marcella’s Bridal.

From there some of the spots we’ll look into include Lolo, Serendipity, Finders Keepers Jewelry Galore, aNeMonE, and Vintage Hill Cellars on Second Avenue, and Vino, A Wine Shop and the Saunders Cheese Market on Washington. For a wine home run we can stop at Barili Cellars at Second and Howard (love their viognier!).

Taste Café on Howard is (alas) closed for staff vacations until August 15; when we need a treat fix we can hit Dutch Bros. Coffee or the Rocket Bakery on Howard or go back to the Public Market where vendors like The Scone Ranger as well as the Taza Truck and a wood-fired pizza oven await.

There may be even more shops in the area that we can discover. One of the beautiful things about a bikespedition is the ease with which we can stop spontaneously to look at things that catch the eye. We have no actual itinerary—we have a general destination area.

To suggest our next destination or cast a vote for your favorite, vote in our poll.

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*I probably should add that this is not a legally binding contract and you ride at your own risk just like we all do. I’m not organizing a formal ride–I’m inviting friends to come along for some fun.

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