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Losing Weight

No, this isn’t the grapefruit diet, or the all-you-can-eat diet, or the “use this one silly trick to blast stomach flab” diet. It’s the purse diet. As in, when was the last time you took everything out of your purse and then decided what to put back in? Or—brace yourself—switched to a smaller purse? That’s essentially what […]

More Treats! More Shopping! And Panties! Bike Style Event June 29

OK, I’m asking for trouble (or a whole lot of really random and inappropriate blog comments, which I will moderate) with the word “panties” in this post…. Panties are just one of the reasons you’ll want to swing by the LaunchPadINW space and Nectar Tasting Room next Wednesday, June 29, from 4-7pm ( so share […]

Women’s Clothing for Biking that Doesn’t Look Like It’s for Biking: What to Wear, What to Wear

The post that started it all…. The weeks and months of accumulated frustration that led to this post (which originally appeared on my personal blog in September 2010) also led, fairly directly, to the launch of this blog and my idea for bike fashion shopping events to bring some products to Spokane that aren’t otherwise […]

Shopping for a Better World

The longer I live and the more I learn about how the world works, the more important it becomes to me to pay attention to the impacts my personal decisions have and how those represent my values. Once upon a time I carried around a little booklet, Shopping for a Better World. It ranked companies […]

A Typical Week, in Outfits & Mileage

Total mileage for 6 days: 52.47 Total expended on gym membership, gas, and parking: $0.00 Total expended on being stupid and thinking I could hop a 2″ cement lip: $17.32 (took my bike to the shop instead of patching the tube myself–didn’t want chain grease on Friday’s periwinkle dress so this was my biking contribution […]

Nice Rack, Lady

A common question I get is what I do with my bike at a destination that doesn’t have bike racks. Since this may come up a lot when we go on our Bikespeditions I thought I’d share my work-arounds. #1—Vote with your wallet! Take your dollars to places with bike parking and TELL THEM that’s […]

Time to Embark! Whither Bikespedition #1?

Seldom do I need much excuse to ride my bike. Or to get something yummy to eat. Or to shop. (Should I ever have any hesitation about the latter, there’s always my dear friend Betsy the Enabler: “How about a quick run to Froyo and Nordie’s? Atticus and Auntie’s?”) But how perfect is it to […]

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