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What the Heck Is a Blogspedition?

A “blogspedition” takes us on a journey through the many wonderful women’s bike blogs around the world in search of answers to burning questions, delightful inspiration, and the occasional gut-busting laugh.

I’ll undertake a blogspedition on a specific topic every so often. If you  see a post that makes you wonder what perspective others have on the same topic, think you’re seeing a trend in biking or style, or just have a question, drop a note here and I’ll venture forth into the wilds of the Internet.

To get us started, why not click on the topics on this poll that you would enjoy reading about?

As for the -spedition coinage, I explain this on the Bikespedition page too. When my daughters were little, lo these many moons ago, I took them on fall “leafspeditions” walking through our neighborhood in search of the most beautiful leaves. “Most beautiful” did not mean just the loudest and flashiest fall colors, either; we looked for quiet beauty too. I figure why not -spedition my biking and blogging?


Sure Footing: The Blogspedition Goes Shoe Shopping

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2 Comments to "What the Heck Is a Blogspedition?"

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  2. It’s all downhill riding from here. We Just added bike path map at . So the next time your looking for a new bike path give it a try!

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